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The Bard's Story...

I’m Timea (Video Producer & Editor, Copywriter, Composer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, and Music Producer), founder of Online Video Bard.

I help organisations, business owners and like-minded people with an online presence to show off their work, attract their target-audience, drive brand engagement and sales and make an impact with professional, tailor-made short-form videos. (Find out more about WHAT WE DO).


Having the ability to play music by ear from an exceptionally young age of just a couple of years old, I became obsessed with the art form and its expression from the start.


My love of creating complex pieces of music, audio, and later moving imagery, lead me to the professional world of film and video production, and introduced me to the Film and Television Industries. I worked on countless Hollywood movies in front of the cameras, and always kept an eye on the processes running in the background.

To bring my passions, professions and experience altogether in my work, I created Online Video Bard, where I can continue the creative process, and at the same time, help others to achieve their goals.

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