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The Bard's Story...

I’m Timea (Video Producer / Editor), founder of Online Video Bard, I help ‘passionate’ business owners and like-minded people with an online presence show off their work, attract their target-audience, drive brand engagement and sales and make an impact with professional, tailor-made short-form videos. (Find out more about WHAT WE DO).

I live in the UK, am a big fan of ‘clean,’ organic smoothies/food and I spend as much time outdoors as possible due to my love for nature, sports, science, music, art and camera-work.

I’m also a born musician (Composer/Singer-Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist/Producer) with nearly 40 years of experience (!), which comes handy when working with video and audio! My music lead me to the world of Film/Video Production and in my teens introduced me to the exciting, creative process that I eventually based my business upon a couple of decades later.

In my other hats, I work in the Film/TV Industries as Filmmaker, Supporting Artist/Screen Combatant/Double and also have a hat of Digital Media Producer/Manager.

​My love and passion towards music and video production, my several years of professional experience in my hats above, having my musical abilities, as well as a creative, artistic pair of eyes and ears wired for beauty and detail, allow me to bring it all together in my work, highlight the best aspects of your business, help you attract the attention of your target audience and get the right amount of interests your hard work deserves.


I was born with strange musical abilities, such as ‘amplified’ hearing, musical memory, the ability to listen, hear and play back every sound or instrument in music, ‘hear’ music when there’s silence, compose original pieces and lucid-dream music, all right from the start, without any kind of music education or self-teaching.

As a tiny little girl, I soon identified myself with a cartoon character; a medieval bard with a lute. The professional singer, music composer and story teller would compose and perform their own stories of kings whilst travelling through kingdoms. Subconsciously, I knew that one day, in some way, I was going to become such person, due to my music, original songs, creativity and how incredibly strongly I felt about the art form.

Very early on, I also began to realise my love towards Film/TV and acting. Exploring TV and stage work since my teenage years, continuing with more Music and Performing Arts, as well as self-producing my own music videos from concept to completion, lead to professional Video/Film/TV production work and later in life work on countless Hollywood movies. Being both behind and in front of the cameras, I fell in love with the entire creative process.

I got to a stage in life, where I felt the urge to break out of the conventional way of living, so I decided to follow my heart fully and give it the freedom of creativity, combined with my top passions (and a thousand more!), including the desire to help others to succeed at achieving their heart-centred business goals.

I became a bard of this era, who highlights the accomplishments of today’s queens and kings and shares their stories with the world the 21st century way!

Get In Touch

E-mail me below + come and join my supportive social media community where we can get to know each other, you can connect to like-minded people, promote your business, discuss ideas, network, collaborate, shorten your journey to where you're aiming to be and enjoy the brilliant online community spirit, whether you're local or from across the globe!

If you would like to make an impact doing what you love, feel like you're struggling to get the right amount of attention your business, products or services deserve, or simply haven't got the time to make your own promo videos, this group is definitely for you!

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