Online Video Bard provide short-form video production and digital media services from concept to completion Remotely/Worldwide and On-Location/UK (London - Hertfordshire - Cambridgeshire and more).

We are happy to travel further if requested, so for more information, GET IN TOUCH.

Whatever your business/career, message or passion in our "video-first" world, we're here to help you go from limited, static content to attractive, informative video that educate your target-audience, drive brand engagement and sales and allow you to make an impact doing what you love, so that you can "Lift Up the World by Being YOU."

‘On-Location’ Video Production (Herts, Cambridge, London UK +)

Video production where the process requires Online Video Bard to go to a specific location to film people, products, services or other aspects of a particular business or project.

For example, a business summary that involves filming the founder and what they offer.


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Remote Video Production (Online)

Video production where the process doesn’t require Online Video Bard to go to a specific location to film people, products, services or other aspects of a particular business or project. Communication in this case is usually done online, through phone/video calling, or e-mailing/messaging and the production process remotely rather than in person.

The video content can be built up of either HD photos/pre-recorded footage and other media (E.g. LOGO/brand files) provided by the client, or with the option of mixing in additional licensed stock footage, photos and illustrations provided by Online Video Bard. We can also shoot specific, product/service oriented footage/photos remotely to visually accompany potential text or audio within the video - please inquire for details.

This option could be ideal for those who are based in other parts of the country or abroad, as well as those who go for marketing video types that simply don’t require ‘on-location’ filming.

For example, an ‘Awareness video’ or ‘Explainer video’ that are text and image/footage based, with stock photo/video, as well as logo and additional details added.



For more videos, head over to the Online Video Bard Video Gallery.

Video Types

There are various types of videos that you could go for to promote your work, some of which are:

  • Launch video

  • Business summary

  • Product/service awareness

  • Product demo

  • Explainer video

  • Teaching Educational (TED) video

  • Online course

  • Video press release

  • Branded informational video

  • In-store

  • Deals and offers

  • Website faq

  • Testimonial

  • FB/Social media event video

  • Motivational video

  • Your message


Not an option above that suits you? Have you got a different video idea? LET'S CONNECT and see how we could make it happen!

All videos can be produced in SQUARE or LANDSCAPE LAYOUT according to online/social media use.

Professional voice-over and aerial drone services available on request.

Every marketing video is different as they're tailored to suit your unique business needs. The requirements, length and complexity of the production of each one can vary and therefore they differ in price.


For an estimate, to find out more, or for anything else, please CONTACT US.

The production process (In a nutshell!)

We have a discussion/meeting with you where we identify your goals for your video content, the future of the video (e.g. where it will be used, how and by who), timing and everything else regarding its production.

Once you told us about your initial ideas and what you had in mind, we’ll then explain how they can be achieved and what the production process will most likely to involve in this case.

We ask you some questions to ensure we have all the information we need to get started and write up a production brief. We make sure that you’re happy with everything and that we’ve answered all your questions regarding the process.


We’re in touch with you every step of the way, so that you know where we’re at and that production is going the right way.


The production process consists of 3 parts:


1. Pre-production – This is our planning and preparation phase where we develop the concept/idea with our creative approach, identify what will be needed for the various aspects of the production and draw up a plan of action.


To get the full picture and to help us with production, we also do a thorough research of your business/service to ensure that we fully understand what you do, what your message is, who your target audience is and that there’s continuity between what you say on your websites, social media channels, flyers or other materials you may have and the marketing video we produce.


Once we know your business inside-out, we write a script for your video content (unless you already have a specific script/wording you would like us to use) with your target-audience in mind, which will highlight your message and get the necessary information across in an engaging, attractive and emotive way.


2. Production - The actual video recording. Depending on the type(s) of video(s) we’re shooting, who/what’s involved and how complex the process is, this can vary from a few hours to a number of filming days.


For example, if we were to record a product promo where the products would already be set up and displayed next to each other, this could take a lot less time to capture than filming a Teaching Educational (TED) video, which would require a much more complex set-up (E.g. background/set, audio and lighting arrangements) and the cast members to successfully deliver their script again and again.


There could be additional shots, such as close-ups on accompanying material that’s being talked about, visuals, or hand-shots, where the cast might not be required as these can be performed by someone else. To save everyone else’s time, wherever possible, Online Video Bard create these separately from the main recording.


There are many ‘tricks’ out there that can make a video look much more exciting and engaging without the viewer noticing them, so we like to incorporate these (E.g. to create a 'side-by-side' interview with two people who never had a recording session together). These shots can make the impossible possible and could make the production process much more flexible.


3. Post-production – Editing the video content. Once the hours worth of footage (depends on type of video) has been examined and the best takes selected, the video will then be cut together according to our script, so that your core message shines through.


When our rough-cut reaches a presentable stage, we’ll then send this version over for you to watch and you can come back to us with any potential changes you might like us to make. We then apply these changes and send the new version of the edit back to you for another viewing. Once you’re happy with everything, we apply our final touches from our part and complete the final, polished version of the video.


Just like each part of production, post-production is also a complex and time-consuming process that involves a large number of tasks/actions from enhancing footage/visuals to selecting and processing music/audio, graphics and special effects. Depending on what type of video you’re getting produced, the length of this process may vary. In all cases, we let you know an approximate timing for this and the whole production process and ensure that everything is finalised before the deadline.


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